Of Swords and Honour

A new story begins

Length: 1 Session

A Fenist Priest, fresh from her monastry, a hired bodyguard (a ninja) and an insane monk arrive in a village held captive in fear by the Kappa who lives under the bridge. To cross the bridge, our brave heros must stop the Kappa, but killing it will bring a terrible curse.

First the Insane Monk is nearly drowned as he attempts to fight the supremely strong Kappa with his bare hands, barely escaping with his life, then after negotiations fail our heroes attempt to kill the Kappa by drawing on to dry land and killing it. Having trapped it the Mad Monk, Ninja and Priest end up killing it, becoming cursed themselves.

As they search for a cure to this curse, they are caught in a land slide, which kills their horses but leaves them mostly unhurt. After many more unfortunate encounters they reach the other side of the mountain and enter into the Tanigashima valley.

There, they stumble upon the Village of Death, which was completely depopulated by Oni years ago. Despite the warnings of his peers, the Mad Monk entered into the village to try to prove himself greater than it. He was dragged, kicking and screaming down to Yomi by the monsters of the village.

The others continued their search for a cure to their curse.



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