Doji Wakao

The heir to a high-up family in the Ito Clan - 4th in Line for the Shogunate seat


Stats currently hidden.


He is the first son of the brother of the Ito Clan Daiyamo, also the Shogun. If the Shogun’s 3 children were to die then he would inherit the position of Shogun of all of Tsurukokujin.

He has recently been engadged to Watanabe Akemi and their wedding is due to happen in a month. This will cement a bond between the two clans that could tip the power ballance in the Watanabe-Nakumura feud.

He respects Hattori Hanzo very much, considering a friend after he cleared Doji’s name of murder at great physical cost to himself. He still feels he owes Hattori and would go out of his way to help him.

Doji Wakao

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