Amanohara Clan

AKA The Sky Clan

The legendary ‘Sky’ clan often heard about in ancient tales. It is now a subsidiary clan within the Water Village.


There are many legends concerning the clan’s origins. It is said that they once lived in a giant city carved into the top of a mountain. It is also said that this city was capable of taking to the sky, like an island of the heavens. The legends claim that the city was so beautiful that the gods sent an army of Oni to punish the Sky Clan for their impudence for creating a paradise-on-earth. They were almost wiped out and only a few remained who returned to the mainland and eventually became allies with the Water Village.

Current Situation

They have been allied together for hundreds of years which allow them both access to the powers of weather control. This has allowed the Water Clan to maintain a level of economic power through trading, often these contracts come as a reward from the help of a Sky clan weather worker. This has made both village and clan very rich and the alliance will not end in the foreseeable future.

Amanohara Clan

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