Commonly Known Mystic Arts

The Common Arts

These arts are known of by nearly every mystic and are widely practiced by either a large clan or other organisation who take on many apprentices outside of their own members. They are listed by organisation who teaches them.

These include:

Common Mystic Powers:

Remote Manipulation

Heart Reading

Mind Touch

Move Object

Psychic Blast

Psychic Shield

Second Sight

Sense Minds

Truth Reading




Body Control


Supernatural Strike

Elemental Users:

Elemental Aura

Elemental Blast

Elemental Resistance

Elemental Weapon

Earth Village Trained:

Earth Shaping

Fire Village Trained:

Fire Shaping

Wood Village Trained:

Plant Shaping

Water Village Trained:

Water Shaping

Metal Village Trained:

Metal Shaping



Fenist Priests:

Summon Spirit

Ghost Touch

Supernatural Weapon

Commonly Known Mystic Arts

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