Kami of the World

Kami are Fenist deities, though they are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. They can represent natural phenomena, abstract concepts, or specific powerful historical figures. In general, the word “kami” refers to any spirit powerful enough to be worthy of respect.

The number of kami is not fixed, and, in fact, continuously grows as great mortals enter the spirit world. As a whole, they are known as Yau-Yorozu no Kami, or the Ever-Increasing Myriad Deities.

There are three categories of kami:

Amatsukami are the gods of heaven, who reside in Takama no Hara. They are the guardians of the natural order, ensuring that the cosmos continues to function.

The Kunitsukami are the gods of the land, who reside in the Mortal Realm. These kami protect the land and people of Tsurukoku.

The Jashin are the malignant gods who bring disease, pollution, and disaster into the world. They are native to Yomi, the land of death.




Some material is from the Land of the Crane Campaign Setting © 2005, 2009 by David Garrett. Used with permission. Unformatted originals can be found here KamiOriginals

Kami of the World

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