Legends of the Land

Legends of the lands

The Star of Death

Legends speak of a dark and terrible power that once plauged the land. They called it the star of death, a star quite unlike any other. They say that when it was in the sky, the spirits of those who died were drawn into it and consumed. Others say that even to look upon it was to die. Others say that this was only a metaphor for the final light a man will see before he dies.

Yet others still say that it is a sign. A sign that the final age has dawned.

The Island in the Sky

Legends claim that once there existed a race of men who soared high above the clouds on great flying islands. These legendary shujenja created a land free of all wants high above the land bellow. But when they looked down, they saw that they had become detached from the spirits of the land and its people. They returned to the ground, to live out their days as wandering mystics. They say that many great miracles were performed by the people from the cloud-islands and that they became much loved by the people. However, their numbers began to decline, till they vanished forever into the halls of antiqity.

Legends of the Land

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