Raijin Clan

The Raijin (The god of Thunder) clan are a secretive clan who live on a high mountain overlooking the ocean.


The art of directing the natural forces of lighting originally came from a mystic who was struck by lighting whilst passing through the mountains. However he discovered that he was able to redirect away from him completely by accident. With years of training he mastered the power and became the first Lighting Master. After a few years he gathered a coterie of Lighting Adepts and the Raijin Clan was formed to continue the legacy of the secret of Lighting.

Current Situation:

Several generations ago they made an alliance with the Water Village (and by extension the Sky Clan) for training in their powers in exchange for Raijin Clan Lightning Masters military assistance. The addition of the Wind and Water powers to the clan has allowed them to make use of the sky clans weather changing magic, which has them use their powers much more effectively in war.


The Raijin are famed for their ability to control lighting.

Raijin Clan

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