The Elemental Oracles

The Five Oracles of the Elements embody all that is powerful and pure about the five elements in Onmyodo philosophy. According to myth, when humans first learnt how to control the elements, they formed 5 hidden villages to learn to control each. Each village chose one individual to carry its element in their very souls and thus to serve as its voice in the empire. These individuals were the first Oracles, and since that time, a part of each element has lived in one or another human form. The Oracles are no longer human, and they age very slowly, but eventually each must pass on the elemental spirit to a successor, passing on the collected memory and wisdom of an immortal life.

The Oracles are the bringers of prophecy and fortune, able to see into the Spirit World and possessing the wisdom of ages. The sources of their elemental powers are unknown to all but the Oracles themselves.

The Oracle of Fire has a home in a lake of fire in on the border of the Ashlands, in a tower which rises from the magma which is fed eternally by Mount Hizuru. The Oracle of Water is said to live in the sunken city off the coast, holding court with the creatures of myth. The Oracle of Earth lives deep beneath the mountains in a citadel of crystal on a throne of stone. The Oracle of Metal is said to inhabit a castle made of the finest iron which sits over an ancient iron mine, where he is attended by the greatest craftsmen. The Oracle of Wood lives deep within a hidden forest deep in the mountains, where the very trees form his palace.

See The Elemental Villages for more detail.

The Elemental Oracles

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