The Elemental Villages

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According to myth, when humans first learnt how to control the elements, they formed 5 hidden villages to learn to control each. Each village stands alone hidden somewhere in the world. Those who bravely or foolishly seek these hidden villages face great challenges, but many see it as the ultimate apprenticeship as those who survive are almost guaranteed a place in the court of a Daimyo somewhere.

The village of Earth trains the greatest architects and stonemasons. The Village of Water trains the great weather changers (with the Sky Clan) along with many great seamen. The Village of Fire has trained many great warriors and warrior monks. The village of Metal trains many of the finest craftsmen along with many of the world’s greatest inventors. The village of Wood trains many of the greatest herbalists and many great carpenters.

Most mystics are trained within one of these villages, and only the great Lotus Master has ever trained in all of them. Those who are not are either self taught from ancient scrolls, trained by specialist Monk sects or by other wandering Mystics.

The Elemental Villages

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