The Lotus Master

From whence he came and where he was going, no one will ever know. However this legendary figure forever made his mark on The Land of the Crane.

A strange figure, he appeared one day in the court of the Mikado and was known to come and go as he pleased. He was known wearing a mysterious blank mask and clothed in a white kimono, neither of which he ever removed in public.

No one knew who he was other than that he was valued advisor to the emperor, who defrayed to him of all subjects. He soon became a court enigma, with many attempting to curry favour with this odd but friendly man. He always provided some piece of seemingly meaningless advice which always turned out to be absolutely vital to some advent, which led to many believing that he had prophetic powers.

He vanished from the court when the Mikado was assassinated and restored him to life upon his return in a miraculous display of power witnessed by over a thousand people. After this he vanished for several years, only reappearing once to defeat a massive group of dark Onmyoji who had attacked the Mikado’s palace in a gigantic battle, before seemingly dying. He was interred secretly by the empereror himself, who mourned for many years of the loss of his advisor and friend.

The Lotus Master

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