The Order of the Emerald Seer


Founded in the after the First Shogunate War by the mysterious Emerald Seer to recollect, protect and discover as much knowledge as they could, so future generations could make enlightened decisions which would hopefully prevent people from committing to rash wars.


It is fairly easy for a mystic to join the Order as they are always open to new members. This means that nearly every seer in the land is a member of this Order. The only perequisite for becoming a member is to provide a piece of information that the orders vast archive does not possess.


Above all else, many members of the order believe that the acquisition of information for The Great Libary is of the upmost importance.

Current Situation:

The Order is operating as it always has, providing information to members, who in turn provide information to it.


Many members are taught the arts of seeing, usually into an objects past, to elsewhere or actually recieving visions from the future.


The Order maintains many libaries throughout the land, where monks and scribes care for copies of the Orders vast collection.

The Orders main libary, The Great Libary is located in an underground vault in Ito, protected by guards from both the Shogunate and the Court of the Mikado.

When a new tome or scroll is brought to the libary, it is carefully copied and stored in a special storage vault. The copy is then placed the main libary, where it retrieved by a member of the Order. More popular texts are copied several times and often sent of to the lesser libaries.

The Order of the Emerald Seer

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